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TheoSophia's Wisdom School The Magic of Healing Revealed

I spent my summer months this year writing a book about spiritual development. In fact, though, I have been developing and teaching on my path for the last 29 years. My journey has taken me from the Mountains in the west to Thailand in the east. I hold a Ph.D. in Conscious Studies. I have spent my life fascinated with the human consciousness and its relationship to healing. I see myself as a sponge that gathered a lot of information about Becoming, and now is the time to share and get the word out.

I grew up on a farm in Indiana. My gifts enabled me to see the elementals and angels. I would sit by the pond and they would come to me. A few of the little beings became my friends through childhood, teaching me many things about God. During my teenage years, I drifted away from my vision... you know how teenagers are. I had five car accidents at the age of 31, and they were the catalyst for knowing I wanted to help other people heal. An Alternative healer helped me with my pain and I knew immediately that my life path had changed to helping others. When I journeyed to Thailand, we would spend 15 to 18 hours a day meditating. One day, Master Babaji appeared in my room. His presence took me on a spiritual journey that I feel has not yet completed. This path continues giving me opportunities to grow and teach. It was meant to bring me to write this book for All of you. All these experiences and more are a part of my life every day. They are a part of me.

If you had met me on my trips doing lectures and expos this year, you would have encountered a light unlike anything before. An energy, peaceful and knowing. This was true especially if you had no awareness of the technique I would be demonstrating. So, whether you are a Mom, Dad, teacher, facilitator, nurse, care giver, healer, doctor, or any human being wanting to know more about Spirit, Spiritual Development, or Faith Healing, this is the book for you. It is a great beginning to peek inside and see the depth, gift, and magic that healing really is.

The Book is about my Wisdom School. It gives a look at the journey to become a healer. A healer is one who develops their consciousness to become a vessel, that will hold the light of God. It is never the person who combats disease or illusion; it is the profound Light of God. Is the entire school in the book? My goodness, no. That would not have been possible. So much of the learning is an experience, and changing the self.

I wrote this book at this time because I feel very soon alternative healing will become the normal way of addressing what is called illness in our world. Sound Healing is already breaking new ground for depth and ease. Many people desire to write a book and never do. Only 3% ever complete their book. The intention of writing my book is about starting a movement. Helping those people who have gifts and don’t know how to develop them, perhaps don’t even know they exist. Supporting them to one day be able to develop themselves and learn techniques to help others.

Many people who have read the book seem surprised that there is so much about how to prepare to offer healing that they don’t know or have never heard. These are the people I am hoping to reach.

One technique discussed in the book is grounding. Grounding is a simple exercise, a necessity when it comes to healing. An especially effective technique is to imagine yourself as a tree and drop roots into the ground. The truth about Ascension is that we must move our being deep into the earth to support our ability to hold enough light to Ascend. Development of your gifts requires Light and energy, so the practice of grounding is required. In the book, I offer a prayer to support this movement into the earth.

The book also has many case studies, healing techniques, and a little about how they work. It speaks to the development of your soul and becoming light. It is a great read for every person. In this book, you will also learn:

  • Your Heart is the Foundation of Healing

  • Personal Development for the Inquisitive Soul

  • The Art of Spiritual Protection

  • Unveiling of Your Gifts is all about Perception

  • Energy Hygiene

You will find what you need and hopefully desire to know more. The Path never ends. There is always more learning to do.

*** TheoSophia Rose is a Mentor of Life and Unity and holds Mother Consciousness. With a Doctorate of Philosophy in Consciousness Studies, she is an author and an Angel of Divine Service. Her focus is connecting people to their Higher Selves, God and spiritual guides through her healing work and various techniques/technologies, including sound frequencies and telepathic transmissions. She infuses and activates light codes within the human body, reconnecting one to all higher bodies, the Over Soul and all aspects of Self. She facilitates Guardian Angel and Higher Self re-connection, while mentoring the human soul in the higher values and virtues of spiritual life. In this way, she re-establishes a strong connection to God, bringing back together what has been lost or fragmented.

To learn more about TheoSophia Rose, click here to visit her website. For information about her book, TheoSophia Rose's Wisdom School, click here.

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