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Who is  TheoSophia Rose?

TheoSophia Rose holds Mother Consciousness and her Doctorate of Philosophy is in Conscious Studies.  Her studies took her to the northern hills of Chang Mai in Thailand.  There she sat for three months of time in Bija Meditation unveiling Clarity, Wisdom, Divine Love, and deep Compassion.  It was there, she once again befriended the Elemental Kingdom, while her connection to Mother Father God became infinite.  Today, the Light of her Aura emanates in a blissful expression of her profound purity.
The Journey she now walks upon is one of sharing the treasure chest of developmental secrets, of how to Become.  She is the founder of TheoSophia’s Academy of Wisdom. TheoSophia’s Academy of Wisdom is about the development of an individual’s Soul, Spirit, and raising to a level of Mother Consciousness.

She is a naturally gifted Spiritual Healer, A Teacher of Teachers; and has developed The Becoming Matrix, the Spiral DNA work, Holographic Healing, The Petal Work, and Sub-Conscious Release for the Soul. She is a Bestselling Author, Lecturer, Speaker, and a Master of Sound and Intuition.  The Language of Light she sings, is a like a drop of God's nectar transforming stagnant energy into Light.  Today, TheoSophia's vision is unrestricted. The Flame of God's Light blazes from her Heart and Hands.  She hears the chaos within the human vessel and with her voice, can sing a sound of unwinding release, bringing freedom.

Her destiny is to help open the Hearts of all Souls and to support the re-establishment of a strong connection to God, bringing back together that which has been lost or fragmented. Through her healing work, she connects people to God, their Higher Selves, and Healing Masters using various techniques mentioned above.  Her work facilitates the easy release of core issues, the recovery of past life memories, and the re-balancing of the emotional body.  

She is a Mentor of Life for those whom are on their Journey of Ascension to become their Adam Kadmon Body. Her work with the Galactic Realm helps elevate Planetary awareness and triggers super-consciousness within the masses.











Rose Garden in San Jose, CA.

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