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Testimonials from Ascension Gatherings: 

Today's Ascension Gathering lovingly facilitated by TheoSophia Rose and Douglas was one of the most healing powerful experiences I have had in a very long time...  Being held in the sacred space created by them allows me to feel safe and easily release limitations, fears and patterns which is an integral part of my evolution and journey... My gratitude and love abounds for all they do and the amount of love they so generously give.  

Thank you from all of my heart.  

                                 Veronica T.


The Ascension Day was most transformative - the healings from Isis and Other Ascended Masters, plus the Akashic Record readings was incredible - My heart and soul are filled with joy, and I am more aligned to my higher self.  Love, Ingrid D.


A day with TheoSophia and Douglas is always surprising and transformative.   

We move into higher dimensions gaining clearer perspectives and energetic healing - this is a unique experience.     Eloise C.


Thank you TheoSophia and Douglas for the awakening, healing day.  I feel lighter, energized and more accepting of what my purpose is, in addition to becoming more aware of the impact my thoughts and actions have not only on me, but also everyone else I come into contact with, directly or indirectly.         Luz C.


I am feeling a deep level of peace after today's Ascension Day.  The clearings were deep and powerful and I gained a deeper level of awareness on issues I am working on clearing. The words and insights you spoke from Isis and Hercules were enlightening and very helpful.  Thank You, Carol S



There are no words to describe the heartfelt expression of love, oneness, and healing that occurs during Ascension days. My heart and Being are in action every moment of my life - Alive and pulsing with the excitement and passion of creation. Jessica Baker, MSW


The Ascension Day was very enlightening.  From the morning meditation and visualization to learning a new meditation technique while taking turns using the Star Gate and various Biogenesis Tools, the entire day brought forth a new perspective on relationships and understanding that you are never alone.  Kris B.


When I 'm with Master Teacher TheoSophia, I feel supported in every way.  The Ascension Weekends are always set for healing of those who attend and out into the world.  Each Gathering brings me release of those things I no longer need or serve me while bringing me closer to God.  My focus has become my relationship with God- and living through my higher divinity from the heart.  The times when we come together become a support for my daily life. 

Carol P.


The experience is totally out of this reality.  The fears, insecurities, and thoughts of inferiorities dissolved like butter.  The enormous love and support that the group provides is incredible and hard to describe, all I know is that I feel lighter, more awake, and energized.  One of the most amazing things are the multiple tools that we are privileged to enjoy, with limitless restrictions and tons of love and support.  Most of all how wonderful you feel for many days  after, sometimes permanently. Luz Shanti


 Another wonderful Ascension Day.  I look forward to coming each month for such a powerful experience.  Its hard to put into words what occurs within me, but I know  I leave at the end of the day a different being.  I am always touched by the depth of Mother TheoSophia's  love and  how she guides  us so gently to the hidden places within, healing and bringing new light. I feel peaceful and full of Love. Thank You.  Carol Swisher


It is so hard to put into words what these days bring to me.  I become so expanded, so connected

to God, my heart opens like a flower and I begin to see myself as I truly am, A Divine being of Light.

Each workshop I learn more about my relationship with God and myself.  These days stay with me, powerful support for my hearts desire, to become a clear vessel for God.  Pamela


Advanced Journey to Diamond/Mother Consciousness Course Testimonials:


Being a part of the Mystery Class of Consciousness has completely supported me with deepening my faith, strengthening my discernment and developing my inner wisdom. This experience has taken me on the most exciting, joyful and most meaningful journey of my lifetime.  Jessica Baker, MSW


The Consciousness Class has strengthen and deepened my connection to my Higher Self, Guardian Angel, my Master Teachers, Guides & Angels, some of the Ascended Masters, Divine Mother, Father God.  It gave me the confidence to trust and believe in those connections and the impressions received from them.  I feel a greater sense of peace and love when connected.  We were given many techniques and excercises to practice during school and at home to deepen the connection.  TheoSophia Rose is always open to answer questions and give explanations that are easy to understand.  Kris B.


While participating in Mother TheoSophia's Advanced Consciousness Class, I have had transforming experiences of spirit, mind and body.  She has taught and facilitated my development through words, sounds and spiritual practices, which expand my consciousness and enhanced my experience of life.

Eloise Crawford


Thank you so much for another amazing, enlightening weekend in your Advanced Consciousness Class.  Each time, I go home with a deeper, more expanded understanding of myself, how energy moves, God, Spiritual Laws, and the magical, mystical nature of the Universe.  Your style of teaching is unique and Masterful; filled with great clarity, unrestricted vision and unlimited depth of wisdom.  I am so grateful & look forward to each class.  So glad our paths have crossed.  Carol S.









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