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TheoSophia has extensive experience and qualifications
             in multiple areas of Healing and Transformation:

Sessions with TheoSophia Rose are facilitated on Zoom.  She has the ability to perceive one's consciousness, the totality of someone, on multidimensional levels, not only through voice recognition but with her Heart, Intuition, Master perception, and Wisdom. 

Each Session is different and dynamic.  Topics can be about anything creating an illusion or issue in your life.


The Consciousness Spiral Release Technique was designed by TheoSophia Rose to assist individuals and groups in a learning process to clear away sub-conscious, conscious past programming, family and personal karma.










Body Restoration Technique

This is an acupressure technique to revitalize a person's endocrine glands as well as all the related body connections.  It was designed to realign the communication between glands, and rid the negative effects of Endocrine Disruptors introduced into our bodies.







Angelic Readings

During an Angelic Experience, TheoSophia Rose will connect to the Angels in the highest alignment to your frequency.  Your options for the session are multiple: 

  • To receive Words of Wisdom

  • Discover your Guardian Angel

  • Have Light Language spoken to your Soul

  • Healing from the Seraphim Angels

  • Experience the Light of the Angels















Holographic Healing was developed in 1997 by TheoSophia Rose.  It works through the right arm as a dimensional network of Light, similar to the Internet.  The theory of the Hologram comes online to regenerate, replace, and heal wounded areas, etc.










Topography Chakra Analysis

One Hour Private Phone Session

Medical Intuitive

This work is not only dimensional but reveals past life information. Did you realize that stress, illness, dis-ease, pain, depression, dysfunction, anger, sadness, (I could go on and on), are all visible in the energy field and energy vortices known as Chakras.



TheoSophia Rose


Universal Frequency Streams of Light 

Lightwave Energy Infusions

Igniting Your Consciousness


Energy Infusions: Transcends Linear Space and Time to Re-calibrate the Human Energy Field

This is an Upgrading Technology which transcends the Spiritual Blueprint for Multidimensional Ascension.  This Universal Energy of creation shifts and balances your thoughts and emotions bringing forth the Light body and Youthful truth of the Human Body at the Speed of Light.










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