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Holographic Healing


was developed in 1997 by TheoSophia Rose.  It works through the right arm as a dimensional network of Light, similar to the Internet.  The theory of the Hologram comes online to regenerate, replace, and heal wounded areas, etc.  It is traveling through the Chakratic system to discover the perfection of the Chakra and re-anchoring it into position. 

Example:  Damage to intestine due to lack of care, and continual use of laxatives.  Resulting in not being able to have movement.

By traveling through the Holographic network, we are able to find the location of disease and address any part of the issue that must be resolved to allow health. We then rise our awareness through the hologram to discover a new chakra with no distortion.   Replacing energetically the colon with full lifeforce energy from a new chakra can rejuvenate the physical colon.

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