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TheoSophia Rose


Universal Frequency Streams of Light 


Lightwave Energy Infusions

Igniting Your Consciousness


Energy Infusions: Transcends Linear Space and Time to Recalibrate the Human Energy Field


This is an Upgrading Technology which transcends the Spiritual Blueprint for Multidimensional Ascension.  This Universal Energy of creation shifts and balances your thoughts and emotions bringing forth the Light body and Youthful truth of the Human Body at the Speed of Light.


In each session you will  receive a series of high frequency energy infusions which upon receipt are 100% effective. 


Each Infusion offers the following: 

  • clears and balances chakra system

  • activates your electron bodies

  • aligns you with your higher self and

  • multidimensional spiritual guides

  • increases your psychic abilities    

  • increases your gifts of healing and manifestation powers

  • positive state of health and vitality

  • offering manifestation of new potentials for your Soul's destiny  

  • repairs base energy system

  • become more intuitive

  • strengthens all base functions

  • brings forth celestial magic  

  • clears core issues  

















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