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Babaji Meditation Techniques

from the

Ancient Siddhas

Automatic Transcendence of 

Thought in 2 to 3 Minutes

simply sit in a chair,

close your eyes,

and allow your next thought to come....


Douglas and I Studied in Chang Mai, Thailand in 1994 - 1995 to become Master Meditation Initiator's of the Babaji Meditation Techniques.  We Meditated for 30 day intervals, 14 to 15 hours a day,  a total of three months.  This process created a clarity to be able to receive the gift of becoming a Teacher of the Techniques.  They were brought forth from Master Babaji to our Teacher, Bob Fickes, to be given at this time of Ascension.  These techniques (bija seeds, mantras) come from a very ancient tradition of Siddhas and have not been in practice for over two thousand years. They have allowed Babaji to attain a state of perfection within the physical body for over 2500 years.


Each of the seven techniques are designed to work with  the heart, or one of the Five Pranas of Life Currents.  They work on the physical, mental and emotional level, including the clearing of both individual karma and family karma.   These Life Currents feed all the subtle bodies and all of the systems of the physical body.  As each Vital Current is strengthened, the organs, emotions, etc, associated with that Prana or Vital Current are also strengthened and healed, the Light Body is enhanced, and the Ascension Process accelerated.  Additionally, a foundation is established for you to develop all of the sacred powers leading to Full Mastery.


What is Babaji Bija Meditation?


These techniques use a Bija Mantra.  A Bija Mantra precedes all religions, language, all the Masters and the world as we know it. Bija vibrations or pulses were the first sounds to come out of Source, the emptiness.  They are more powerful than any force known to mankind, they are God in motion. 

The First Original Ten Masters were given the task of holding the Sound Frequencies (bija Mantras) in Sacred Light until the moment came for all of us to return home.  The Bija Mantra guides us home deep inside the Sacred Place within us.  The use of these techniques remind us of belonging.  That which we all yearn for.


The First Heart Technique ~ Heart


This technique opens the heart center and brings you into Peace and Divine Love.  Also, develops complete transcending into your Divine Nature and Infinite connection to God.  You will begin to see with a different set of eyes, of compassion, understanding, appreciation, love and acceptance.  Your world will change.  I always say Bija Meditation is for those ready to change not only their world, but our world


The Second Heart Technique ~ The Holy Spirit


The Holy Spirit mantra is the most recommended technique by the Ascended Masters to best integrate the Feminine energies that are coming into the Earth .  It will help us trust ourselves more, helping us integrate our Spiritual life with our practical material world.  It will be anchored, deep  in the Heart, awakening the eighth chakra and activating the energy of the Divine Feminine.  The Holy Spirit mantra cleans out and integrates the light from the seven male chakras into white, allowing the higher frequency light, magenta, to emerge from the eighth chakra above the head.  This brings forth a greater manifestation in our world, through the Zeal point.



The First Prana Technique ~Apana Prana


The Apana Prana involves dealing with the elimination system.  This technique we call the bulldozer technique because it clears away your deepest stress and many generations of Karma.  Physically it helps to clean and clear blockages in your colon, small intestines, liver, kidneys, etc.  Mentally and spiritually it helps to remove the blocks to your power.  It connects you to the Earth, and is designed to help you to let go of those things that no longer serve you.


The Second Prana ~ Vyana Prana


The second technique builds the house, our divine and immortal form, known as the Adam Kadmon Body.  This technique involves  the Vyana Prana, which is the administrator of your divine form, affecting your muscles, bones and cells.  It brings your physical body into direct conact and instruction from your true divine form.  This awakens the angelic vibration inside your body, and creates wonderful feelings of bliss and youthfulness.


The Thrid Prana ~ Prana


 All of the other techniques continue this building process to rejuvenate you and develop your most subtle spiritual experiences.  The third technique involves the major parana of your body which is simply called prana.  It directly effects the primary life force of your body as it moves through the circulation system of both your heart and lungs.  This technique also creates a protective shield in your aura called Kavach.


The Forth Prana ~ Sanama Prana


The fourth technique involves the Samana prana effecting your stomach and digestive system.  It elevates your digestion to produce the legendary sacred nectar called Soma.  This technique develops the divine senses and a physically youthful appearance.


The Fifth Prana ~ Udana Prana


The fifth technique involves the Udana Prana of lifting power.  It is here that the final integration of your speitual and material achievements occurs.  The ancient sages have said that once the Udana is perfected the body becomes immortal.  This technique creates liberation and freedom from restriction in all aspects of your life. 


Following a heart technique the five Prana techniques wil be given in sequence to accumulate results and transform every aspect of your body and soul.  This Knowledge is all very ancient, and has been passed down from Teacher to Student in a ceremonious way.  You will witness a five thousand year old ceremony performed in Sanskrit when you are formally initiated into each technique.














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