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TheoSophia Present's

Mount Shasta 14th Annual 8 Day Retreat 2022

May 10th - May 17th 2022 

(housing, transportation and food not included)

To Register Call 610 888 7853


8 Days - $1200.00

Join  TheoSophia  and Douglas ,

Daily we will  go on a Mystical Journey to uncover

                                 hidden secrets within ourselves, upon the

Mountain and Sacred Sites

"Come with an Open Heart, where we will journey each

day  with a new appreciation of Life...  We will walk

within God's Time experiencing many time warps.

There will be Laughter, Joy, Love, Beauty,

Purification, Appreciation, Aha Moments and

Communication with the Masters and Angels"






                      As we Journey up the Mountain the Trees will Whisper to all,

                                        welcoming you to the Mountain.  

  • Receive Initiations, as you walk as your Higher Self,

  • Receive the Diamond Codes of Shambala

           into your Soul increasing your Light Quotient

  • Initiation into Holy Spirit Mantra from Master Babaji

  • Visit Sacred Site of Shambala (those who are Kumaras will be invited within)

  • Journey to the world of Telos and Lemuria

  • Douglas will connect to Akashic Records for all

  • Visit the Mountain and all of it's Majesty

  • Visit neighboring waterfalls and Lemurian Temples

  • Receive Water Blessings with Conscious Water

  • Experience an Evening with the Masters and Angels

  • Visit Panther Meadow and other Sacred Sites

  • Message on the  I AM Teachings & Decrees with D. CREED

And you never know...



As You Birth New Friendships,

remembering who you have been before,

Lifetimes past, the moment now,

we wonder about our becoming...

Becoming the Enlightened Soul.

The beauty of the Earth will take your breath away.

The initiation into the Holy Spirit Mantra

will deepen your breath of Spirituality.

Divine Mother TheoSophia Rose will bring a Peace,

Serenity & a graceful Ease within the Journey.

You will walk held in the arms of Mother.

The Masters will surround you, opening doors

around every corner. The Mysteries are awaiting you!

"Come, with an Open Heart, where we will journey each day

with a new appreciation of Life...

We will walk within God's Time

experiencing many time warps.

There will be Laughter, Joy, Love, Beauty,

Purification, Appreciation,

Aha Moments,  & Communication with the Masters,

  Angels & Elementals at hand.



   Healing that will take a year to unfold. 

Experience a Spiritual Pilgrimage beyond your Dreams."
Divine Mother TheoSophia Rose

One evening, Jesus appeared in the clouds with an Angel when we were out looking at the Stars

TheoSophia Elementals (2015_12_14 20_28_

See Tree Elfs in upper right hand corner!!!!

Suggestions on Where to Stay


Hotels In & Around Shasta


The Best Western Plus Tree House

Cold Creek Inn

Swiss Holiday Lodge

Lodge Mount Shasta


Sacramento:  is about a 3 hours drive from Mount Shasta. 

San Jose: is about a 5 1/2 hour drive.

Medford, OR is about a 1 1/2 hour drive

Or you can just drive from wherever you are!


There are many and different kinds of food to select from.

There will be no difficult walks during the trip.

All you need is a good pair of shoes and a hat!!

Cancellation Policy:

If the situation should arise for either party to cancel, all funds paid for the retreat to Infinite Body Energetics, will be available for the Participant to partake in: A Retreat, Classes, or Sessions offered by TheoSophia.

Your Enlightenment Mentors:


The Journey TheoSophia now walks upon is one of sharing the treasure chest of developmental secrets, of how to Become.  She is the founder of TheoSophia’s Academy of Wisdom, which is  about the development of an individual’s Soul, Spirit, and raising to a level of Mother Consciousness. Since 1992, TheoSophia Rose has mentored retreats all across the country from the mountains to the sea.

She is a naturally gifted Spiritual Healer, A Teacher of Teachers; and has developed The Becoming Matrix, the Spiral DNA work, Holographic Healing, The Petal Work, and Sub-Conscious Release for the Soul. She is a Bestselling Author, Lecturer, Speaker, and a Master of Sound and Intuition.  The Language of Light she sings, is a like a drop of God's nectar transforming stagnant energy into Light.  Today, TheoSophia's vision is unrestricted. The Flame of God's Light blazes from her Heart and Hands.  She hears the chaos within the human vessel and with her voice, can sing a sound of unwinding release, bringing freedom.

Douglas Creed, Master of Light

is a Master Intuitive Healer using his gifts, Knowledge of the Akashic Records, Clairvoyant sight, feeling and hearing to bring forth the messages from the Masters. While traveling and meditating in Thailand he learned from a Buddhist Monk that True Healing comes from a Loving Heart. His focus is to bring individuals to see a new perception of themselves. Allowing them to come to an understanding of why and what is going on in their lives and how to uplift themselves to a new state of consciousness. His Intuitive Connection to the Masters, a Gentle Heart, Knowledge and Understanding of the I AM Presence and Spiritual Law enable him to bring clarity to his clients.

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