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TheoSophia Rose
by:  Regina Tolomeo
"The Journey from Personality to Divine Love"

TheoSophia's Academy of Wisdom

The Illumination and Science of Consciousness

      Advanced Study & Training

 Developing 5th, 6th & 7th Dimensional Consciousness

        Mentor & Guide:  Divine Mother TheoSophia Rose


More to Come 


         Phone:  610.888.7853  email:

This is a school of personal development and discovery.  It soars above linear teaching, in that it reaches out into the quantum field beyond the 3rd dimension to the greater expression of an individual's truth.  It is about the Magic,   instilled within each soul at the moment of creation.  Students will receive the freedom to unleash what has been in denial and walk in the truth, feeling happy and fulfilled from within the self.


The first question to be investigated and answered is "Who am I really?"  Most believe that they are the totality of everything that has happened to them since the moment they were born, for others it includes all their lifetimes.  Within the Sacred space of this School, individuals will realize they are beyond this earthly description.  They will realize a matrix beyond their comprehension exists and holds the frequency of their True Self.  We will journey within the inner dimensions, the most exciting of all.  This is a transformational course. 



Sacred, Honor & Respect


  • Understanding of the Quantum Energy Field, the Matrix of Becoming

  • Establish Direct Connection to Their Higher Self

  • Open Pathways to the Heart of Mother

  • In-Depth Analysis and Understanding of the Chakras and their transformation - Topography Training

  • Activate the Solar Cross - Create Individual's Arch of Covenant

  • Complete dissertation on Holographic Healing

  • Aligning your vibration to the Sound of God...

  • Attaining 5th Dimensional Consciousness & make a choice to begin to live it.

  • Learn How to Stop the Mind Chatter

  • Healing with Sound - Voice - Instrument, Learn to heal patterns with the frequency of the voice, eventually through singing

  • Development of Adam Kadmon Body Electron Development


This course is an 18 month study of transformation with open walls...  Students drawn to this study will sit before not only TheoSophia Rose, but a group of gathered Master Teachers from throughout the cosmos.  There are those whom are very well known such as:  The Tibetan, Zocer, Master Babaji, Lady Master Isis, Serapis Bey, Hilarion, Melchizedek, Saint Germaine, Yogananda, Principal Angels, Seraphim Angels, Arcturians, Cyclopea, Sirians, and many, many more. Being on the journey to evolve consciousness requires a great shift in perception, choices on how to live, and  to experience daily life in peace, harmony and love.  We will gather one weekend a month to study, experience, grow, expand, raise consciousness, laugh together and cry, all the while growing and becoming our higher experience.  The Masters have always desired for individuals to attain their highest light.  Your greatest fulfillment of your destiny is to become the truth of who you are.  That journey will never end.  This course is a wonderful stepping stone.  Even people that have been on their journey for over forty years,  have come, and been moved at the depth of light we reach together.  Come and Join Us...Discover your capacity to become a Vessel for God.


How this Course Began...

When the last group of healing students came to the "end" of their original curriculum, they desired more.  They desired more to support their personal development into a Higher Consciousness.  And so it began, and each weekend, we continually reach higher with greater depth and greater expansion.  All of their lives have changed.  And they continue to come each month...desiring more.  We experience the support of Mother/Father God along the Way.


There is so much more you will learn...see you in class...Join the Adventure!


Where:  Classes held on Zoom. 

Are you unable to attend a monthly course?  Call me, individual mentoring is available. 

Courses are ongoing. 

All payments made are non-refundable



To request Application, contact us at: email: or call 610.888.7853



*The Mystery School is an Angel Wing Chapter of Illuminations of Light, Inc. 501c3


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