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     Women's Weekend Retreat at  

Beachfront Property - Ocean City, NJ

   We Are Going to the Ocean... To Heal and Purify

To Prepare for Ascension and Self Discovery
















Lady Master Tara

Receive Bija Mantra of

Lady Master Tara

This Meditation Technique is
usally given only to Personal Students of Lady Tara. 
This gift was given to me by Master Babaji in 1995
and I have been asked to share it.  Is it meant for you? 
Her mission is to help heal the suffering of the people.



 Mother TheoSophia Rose

Sacred Sound Alchemist

& Mentor



Friday at 6:00 till Sunday at 4:00

Limited Space    Register Early

Call 610.888.7853   610.458.1649


Your Investment in your Growth:  $333.00

Must be paid by April 15th




























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During the weekend, we will be taking an in-depth look within ourselves.  The advanced journey at this time, is to embrace the self with a greater love and self-acceptance.  Our goal as we become the Divine Empowered Female, is to bring our personality into a sacred balance and discover our sacred vessel, allowing the flow of Divine Service.  As Women through the eons have discovered the power in gathering together, so shall we. 

Beachfront Property with 180 Degree View!!!

Weekend Activities:

  • Receive Initiation of Lady Tara Mantra

  • Discover a deeper Self Love

  • Increase Self Acceptance

  • Sacred Rose Petal Initiation

  • Spiral Release Healing DNA

  • Receive Sacred Wisdom from many Lady Masters

  • Evening Searching through the Stars

  • Certainly, Master Babaji will be with us every moment.


What's Included?


  • 5 meals: Friday dinner at 6:00

  • Organic Turkey Fillets with Broccoli and Sweet Potatoes

  • Sat/Sun Breakfast & Lunch

  • Snacks

  • Do you have special dietary requirements?  Please feel free to bring what you need.

  • Bottled water will be provided.

  • Accommodations:  Bring your own sheets, towels, & pillows.

  • Rooms with twin beds, two people per room

  • Rooms with Queen or King Beds are two per room unless a private room is desired, then there is a $99.00 up-charge for the weekend.

  • All healing and consulting is included.

  • Bring musical instruments.

  • Sat evening after 4:00, you are free to explore.  At this time, you can have dinner wherever you like and relax.

  • We will come together at dark to watch the stars.


To Register:

$333.00  per person.                                 This is a reduced rate from our last 2 retreats. 


NOTE:  Our Retreat is a fragrance-free zone.  Please, no lotions, perfumes, essential oils or other strong scents.  Respect for self, respect for others.  Thnk you for your consideration.


Hello Everyone,


I am very excited to share such a special gift with all of you.  Becoming a student of Lady Tara will expand your path.  Certainly, it will bring you a greater compassion, understanding and service. Gently and Lovingly, we will open our hearts with full respect for the lives we have led, anticipating the release of the greater passion lying dormant under the denial of acceptance.  Our Matrix will realign, allowing dormant coding to be released and activated, igniting new packets of Light to be dounloaded from the Heavens.


Many Blessings,

Mother TheoSophia Rose



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