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The Healing Voice™

From the time I was a little girl, I remember loving to sing and yet, I did not have a so called singing voice.  In choir I remember those who stood next to me cringing at my singing which sounded, I assure you, like a loud scream.  My gift in life was dancing.  But it did not satisfy my desire to sing.  For years this is how it was.  Once I became commited to my path and Soul Destiny, things began to change.  As I worked on the patterns and illusions in my throat, a new sound began to emerge from within me.  When I spent months in Thailand meditating, I received the gift of singing the Puja, A 5000 year old Sanskrit Ceremony. At this time my Teacher told me the more initiations you do, allowing the light to move through the vessel of your throat, the more beautiful it will become.


Soon after arriving home, Douglas and I set out traveling around the United States, Teaching the Babaji Meditation Techniques, (singing the Puja, opening hearts.)  One day it was clear.  My voice had changed, shifted, regenerated, whatever you wanted to call it.  I could sing.


Certainly from this moment back in the early 1990's till now, it has and still does continue to develop. My heart is full, not only from the blessing , but what The Healing Voice has, and still does mean in my ability to help individuals heal.


The Healing Voicein my work today is a very natural experience.  The voice that moves through me is two fold.  There are times when the Angelic Realm comes and heals through the vibration and  Language of Light, and other times when it comes straight from Mother Father God.  In these moments I AM simply the vessel.  Over time it has become like breathing.  As I receive, so I deliver.


When I generate a vibrational sound to heal in a session, you feel the divine power at work.  Afterward there is silence, not just of the mind, but of the soul. Transformation has occured, your life has changed, greater light is emanating.  A few years ago after someone had been working with me for a few months, they asked me what kind of instrument I used to make the sounds they heard.  My answer.... The Healing Voice™.











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