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7 Days to Increase Your Prosperity!!!   Prosperity is about more than money.  It is the flow of God within.  The journey within this book has been written to offer you truths, that when used in repetition, will become a new reality for you. 
DISCOVER THE SECRET of Prosperity not often spoken of.  God is Alive.  With each breath in and out, God moves through us.  This book brings the words that embrace the new relationship with God, bringing prosperity into your awareness. The Truths within this book hold God's Simplicity and are awe-inspiring. 
Example #21:  "As I become aware of the truth that God is my infinite abundance, I know that this truth is existent in my heart, along with my connection to God.  Therefore, it is my Body, Mind & Soul in union, which owns the realization that I Am Infinite, Boundless and Limitless..."   
Deep Discount til 7/31/15.

Timeless Wisdoms of Prosperity

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