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Pleiadian Light Infusions

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Pleaidian Light Infusion Free Offering-OnLine Teleclass
God has spoken to me to share the experience of an Infusion. Participants have had amazing results of Expansion, Receiving Deeper Gifts and all over powerful shifts...So for a brief time, we are offering a free sample so that you may understand the depth & height of Consciousness you can reach and grow. 
To access this sample, Call 641.715.0709
        Access Code:  807776     Reference No: 1# 
Simply lie back and relax.  Allow the energy of the Infusion to embrace you.  It's quite common to "fall asleep" or move to Higher Expansion.  The body will do what is needed. It will last approximately 40 minutes.  Enjoy!
Thank you  Many Blessings
Mother TheoSophia

Are you Seeking Soul Transformation,

Healing, Spiritual Growth, and Enlightenment?

This is an Upgrading Technology which transends the Spiritual Blueprint for Multi-Dimensional Living.  This Universal Energy of creation shifts and balances your thoughts and emotions, Illuminating the Light Body at the Speed of Light. 

All frequency energy infusions are 100% effective upon receipt.

Each Session builds upon the next.

Each Infusion Offers the followin+g:


Clears Core Issues

Offers Manifestation of new potentials for your Destiny

Clears & Balances Chakra System

Activates your Electron Bodies

Aligns You with Your Higher Self

Increases your psychic abilities

Repairs base energy system

Strengthens all base Functions

Expands Intuitive Skills

Infusions will manifest within

the Individual's Energy Field within 3-12 Seconds

Gifts you may Receive...

Promote, Enhance & Balance Relationships

Release Fear of Public Speaking

Enhance & Activate Spiritual Gifts

Empowerment Program

Eyes of the Ancient One

The Temple of Sacred Union

St. Germain's Golden Elixir

Robes of Light

The Celestial Equator

The Bridge of Purification

The 5D Lightbody Blueprint

Language of Heart

Just to name a few...each week is different, brought forth from the

Consciousness of the Group...

See you There...





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