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Everyone gets an opportunity to sit within the Gate having their own unique experience.  Allow the Gate to help you discover your Destiny and bring Manifestation into your Life. 



March 18, 2018

April 29, 2018

May 20, 2018

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  Ascension Day Gathering    
       Sunday, February 25, 2018                10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.    


    Lunch Included

       As we gather together, we will continue to grow

       and expand beyond that which we know. 

         We will become curious, not only of the energy,

  but of our own synergy. 

Join us as we evolve together.


A Healthy Lunch will be offered


  • We will sit around the Stargate

  • Everyone will have an opportunity to sit within the gate to experience its Light

  • Every Illumined Soul will receive a Vibrational Ignition of Higher Light

  • A Doorway will open Offering an opportunity for each individual to touch a deeper capacity of Love

  • Allowing them to become a Heart Healer

​Location:  2927 Cottonwood Lane


Chester Springs, PA 19425





Blessings in Light,


TheoSophia Rose

Illuminations of Light Inc. 501c3





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