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Give Yourself a Special Gift...

Spend a Healing Evening with

The Angels of the Bethlehem Star


7:00 pm to 8:30 pm


$22.00 Advanced Registration Required!


Every year during the month of December, the Bethlehem Star,

filled with wondrous Angels, comes close to the Earth to share many gifts of healing.

With the guidance of TheoSophia Rose, the doors to the Inner Sanctuary will open,

revealing a matrix of a large auditorium with a honeycomb of rooms and healing Angels from the Universe.  Voices of the Angels will sound, welcoming the hearts of Awakened Souls to participate in the multi-dimensional healing existing there.

Experience the Magic of the Season!



TheoSophia Rose has been working with the Angels of the Bethlehem Star for over 17 years. 

It is a wonderful gift to give to family, friends and yourself!

Come Join the Magic!



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