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"Change Your


Change Your Life"

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TheoSophia is a

Mentor of Spiritual Life,

Unity & Healing

Angelic Messenger

Dedicated to Development

of Consciousness

Healing Body, Mind, & Spirit

Sacred Sound

& Language of Light

The Healing Voice


Theospohia's Wisdom



Headline: A Healers Guide to Develop      your Spiritual Gifts


I know you have Spiritual gifts, and are lost on how to use them.  What if you could learn not only what your gifts are, but at the same time learn you can use them on yourself, and other people.  The book "TheoSophia’s Wisdom School," will be your guide, upon your journey. You will have a deeper understanding about what healing is all about, and how and why it works.

TheoSophia Rose has worked over the last 28 years with thousands of clients, she has held multiple Healing Schools, all around the Country since 1994.


Benefits Statements:

  • Discover your heart is the Foundation of Healing

  • Learn Personal Development for the Inquisitive Soul

  • Learn the Art of Spiritual Protection

  • The Unveiling of your gifts is all about Perception

  • Learn all about Energy Hygiene





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